Our Mission

“Build the finest hand-crafted automobiles in the world.”

Est. 1995

Early History

It all started in 1986 when Troy’s grandfather gave him a 1966 Chevelle to fix up for himself. After a good effort, he took that car to the 1990 DuQuoin Street Machine Nationals. He was amazed at the building techniques he saw, so he redid his Chevelle shortly thereafter with a unique blend of ideas like brushed trim (taken from a John Buttera car) and Boyd wheels. The car was called Pro Box. It was a huge hit and it launched a new company.

Rad Rides by Troy was established in 1995 as a father-and-son business that had grown to become one of America’s top automotive shops.

Along the way, Troy Trepanier has become a team builder. From the close-knit pack of fabricators, mechanics, painters, and machinists that make up the company to the essential partnerships he has forged with some of the industry’s leading suppliers, Rad Rides by Troy is one of the most well-known and respected names in the business. In addition to building cars for many of the top automotive collectors in the country, Troy has worked closely with Ford, GM, Chrysler, and Toyota on a variety of promotional vehicles. Because of his presence in the hot-rod industry, Troy has been featured on Discovery channel’s “Rides,” participated with Chip Foose on two “Overhaulin” episodes, and has been highlighted in several Documentaries concerning his efforts in Bonneville landspeed racing.

The Rad Rides Difference

Troy inherited his grandfather’s passion for fabrication and perfection, as well as his father’s mechanical aptitude.  These characteristics, along with his own highly diverse interests in the automotive realm, have led him to build a variety of amazing vehicles under the Rad Rides name.  His shops commitment to both craftsmanship and performance is now recognized by fans all over the world.

With a unique combination of skills, and drive to build the finest hand-crafted automobiles in the world, Troy and the Rad Rides team have received a variety of accolades confirming their efforts.  The shop has produced multiple Bonneville land speed record holders, Riddler, AMBR, and Barrett Cup winners, multiple street machine of the year awards, and have been highlighted in numerous feature articles from a variety of publications. 

In addition to receiving top honors in the racing and show car world, Troy has participated in countless road tours with both the Hot Rod and GoodGuys associations.  With a variety of Rad Rides built  vehicles, he has proven that they can, without a doubt, perform as well as they look.   Rad Rides has often been acknowledged for their engineering and design abilities.  The shop has been honored with the GM design, and multiple Mother’s Polish Shine awards, both given through the SEMA organization.

When reflecting on the history of Rad Rides and the shops relevance in the hot rod industry over the past twenty years, one might ask what more Troy can expect to accomplish.  His answer is always the same and the reason for the shops continuing success.  He simply says;

“We’re just getting started……..wait ’til you see what’s next.”

God Speed

John “Jack” Trepanier

Date of Birth

September 23, 1943

Entered New Life

March 14, 2014