About Troy

Troy T. Trepanier

President, Rad Rides by Troy

January 2014


Troy grew up in Manteno, a small town in Illinois. He and his wife Angie have three beautiful children…

Carly (17), Jack (14) and Luke (11). Together Troy and Angie run one of the most successful companies in the custom automobile industry.

Troy has grown up around cars and craftsmanship. Even though he found time to play every sport possible in high school, Troy always worked in his dad’s automotive shop. His grandfather taught him that “there’s only one way to do things: the right way.”

A competitive spirit, a passion for excellence and a “nothing’s impossible” attitude have shaped Troy’s life and every car he has built.


It all started in 1986 when his grandfather gave him a 1966 Chevelle to “fix up” for himself. After a good effort he took that car to the 1990 Du Quoins Street Machine Nationals. He was amazed at the building techniques he saw, so he redid his Chevelle shortly thereafter with a unique blend of ideas like brushed trim (taken from a John Buttera car) and Boyd wheels. The car was called Pro Box. It was a huge hit and it launched a new company.

Rad Rides by Troy was established in 1995 as a father and son business that has grown to become one of America’s top automotive shops in 16 short years.

Along the way Troy has become a team builder. From the close-knit pack of fabricators, mechanics, painters and machinists that make up the company… to the essential partnerships he has forged with some of the industry’s leading suppliers.

Today Rad Rides by Troy is one of the most well known and respected names in the business. In addition to building cars for many of the top car collectors in the country, Troy has worked closely with Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota… both sports and Hollywood celebrities… and is now developing an environmentally friendly ethanol kit that is the only EPA certified e85 kit available in America. He was featured on two “Rides” feature length shows and participated with Chip Foose on two “Overhaulin’” episodes.

The Rad Rides Difference
Troy inherited his grandfather’s passion for perfection. He added his own highly diverse appetite to build everything from a Ridler winner to a Bonneville racecar. This commitment to both craftsmanship and performance is now recognized by fans all over the world.

This unique combination has produced some amazing cars, such as Chicayne, the first twin turbocharged small block street machine. Chicayne went on to win Goodguys Street Machine of the Year award in 2002 and set off a whirlwind of twin turbo cars that have tried to follow in its footsteps. That year, in a feature article on the car, Popular Hot Rodding Magazine stated that Chicayne just might be the “finest hot rod of all time.”

To Troy, it’s critical that the car performs as well as it looks. So, the fact that Chicayne drove the entire power tour that year was even more satisfying than all the awards and flattering comments.

2007 – A Banner Year
This year Troy has had unprecedented success. The ’32 roadster he built for Roger Ritzow was one of the “75 Most Significant Roadsters,” displayed at the Grand National Roadster Show in January. In March, he won the coveted Ridler award with a 1936 Ford, named First Love, which the judges described as “5 years ahead of the competition.” In August the now famous 1969 Barracuda, named Blowfish, made a repeat trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats and ran over 270 mph. Then Hot Rod Magazine informed him that he was the first builder in the history of the magazine to have two different cars in their “Top Ten of the Year” list (Blowfish and First Love), with Blowfish landing the prestigious “Hot Rod of the Year” title. On top of that, the Grand National Roadster Show named Troy as their “Builder of the Year” for 2008 and Auto Week magazine asked Troy to be a featured speaker at their 15th annual “Design Forum – 2008”.




Pro Box [‘60 Chevy Bel Air]                                  1990 Hot Rod magazine “Car of the Year”

                                                                                                         Hot Rod magazine cover

                                                                                                         Car Craft magazine cover

Bumonguous [‘50 Buick Sedanette]                       1992 Hot Rod magazine “Car of the Year”

                                                                                                         Car Craft magazine cover

Rumbler [‘60 Rambler American Wagon]              1994 Hot Rod magazine “Top Ten”

                                                                                                         Goodguys “Custom Rod of the Year” finalist

Predator [‘39 Chevy Coupe]                                   1995 Hot Rod magazine “Top Ten”

         Goodguys “Street Rod of the Year”

Sniper [‘54 Plymouth]                                                            1997 Hot Rod magazine cover

                                                                                                         Goodguys “Custom Rod of the Year”

                                                                                                         Rod & Custom magazine cover

                                                                                                         Featured in Fifty Years of Hot Rodding

                                                                                                         Hot Rod Magazine “Top Ten of All Time”

Intruder [‘57 Ford Wagon]                                     1998 Goodguys “Custom Rod of the Year”




Bisquick [‘61 Chevy Biscayne]                                              1999 Super Rod magazine cover            

Quadradeuce [‘32 Ford 4WD]                                                1999 Goodguys “Street Rod of the Year” finalist

Chicayne [‘62 Chevy Biscayne]                                              2002 Goodguys “Street Machine of the Year”

                                                                                                         Mothers Shine Award

                                                                                                         GM Engineering Award

Al’s Long Bed [‘70 Chevy Pickup]                        2003 Goodguys “Truck of the Year” finalist

         Cover of Custom Classic Trucks

Ritzow’s 32 [‘32 Ford Roadster]                                           2004 Goodguys “Street Rod of the Year”

                                                                                                         One of Ford’s “75 Most Significant Roadsters”

Chocolate Thunder [‘37 Ford Convertible]             2004 Mothers Shine Award

Fastforward Fastback [‘67 Mustang]                      2004 Rides TV episode

         Hot Rod Magazine Feature

                                                                                                         eBay auction for charity

Sickfish [‘70 Barracuda]                                                         2005 Rides TV episode




Blowfish [‘69 Barracuda]                                       2006 Bonneville Salt Flats Record Holder

                                                                                                         Hot Rod magazine “Car of the Year”

                                                                                                         Hot Rod Magazine Top Ten

Hurricayne [‘66 Chevy Biscayne]                           2007 Goodguys “Street Machine of the Year” finalist

First Love [‘36 Ford]                                                              2007 Ridler Award Winner

                                                                                                         Hot Rod magazine Top Ten

2006-2007 (continued)

Grand National Roadster Show                                              2007 “Builder of the Year”



Vision [‘40 Ford]                                                    2008 Featured in Street Rodder magazine

                                                                                                2008 Goodguys “Pros Pick” -  Columbus, Ohio

Notorious [’70 Nova]                                                             2008 Goodguys “Street Machine of the Year” finalist

                                                                               2008 Goodguys “Muscle Machine of the year”

Woodward Dream Cruise                                       2008  1st Grand Marshal        

Blowfish [69 Barracuda]                                       2008 Rad Rides featured on Discovery Channel

                                                                                      Speed CapitolOf The World: Bonneville



Summernats, AU                                                   2009 Celebrity guest “22nd Annual Summernats

                                                                                        Festival” Canbera, Austrailia

Hershey, PA                                                          2009 Celebrity Speaker AACA Museum

Passion [’56 Chrysler 300B]                                 2009 Detroit Autorama “1st Place Full Hardtop”

                                                                                        “Casi Cup Award Winner”

                                                                                        “Best Custom”

                                                                               2009 Featured in Hot Rod magazine 

Notorious [’70 Nova]                                            2009 Detroit Autorama “Outstanding Engineered”

                                                                                       “Outstanding Engine”, “Outstanding Interior”,

                                                                                        “Outstanding Street Machine”, “2nd Place

                                                                                        Pro-Touring 55 to Current”  

                                                                               2009 Featured in Popular Hot Rodding  magazine 

Blowfish [’69 Cuda]                                              2009 Bonneville Salt Flats Record Holder

                                                                                         292 in the CBFCC Class


1932 Ford Miller Hauler                                        2010 GNRS, Pomona, CA

                                                                                         2010 AMBR Outstanding Class , Sweepstake

                                                                                         Award Truck, Blackie Geijan Award of


                                                                                2010 Detroit Autorama “1st Place in Class Altered Rod,

                                                                                         1st Place in Class, “Outstanding use of Paint and

                                                                                         Color” “Outstanding Detail” Outstanding

                                                                                         Outstanding Display”

                                                                                2010 Truck of the Year-Early Winner, Goodguys

Passion [ ’56 Chrysler]                                           2010 GNRS, Pomona, CA

                                                                                         2010 AMBR Outstanding Class Award,

                                                                                         Sweepstake Award Custom,  Chip Foose

                                                                                         Design Excellence Award

Rad Rides  By Troy                                                 2010 Shop Feature on cover of Hot Rod magazine

Blowfish [ ’69 Cuda]                                               2010 Bonneville Salt Flats Record Holder 272 mph in

                                                                                          The B/BGCC Class.


Notorious [’70 Nova]                                              2011 GRNS, Pomona, CA

                                                                                          Best Pro-Touring Award, Best Street Machine                                                


Passion [’56 Chrysler]                                            2011  Daryl  Starbird’s Rod and Custom Show,                    

                                                                                          Tulsa, OK 

                                                                                           Run For The Gold Grand Champion $20,000.00

Passion [’56 Chrysler]                                            2011 Chicago World of Wheels

                                                                                           Legend Cup Winner, Best of Show, Outstanding Engine-Custom,

                                                                                           Outstanding Full/Radical/Hand Built Custom, Outstanding Interior

                                                                                           Custom, Outstanding Engineered, Outstanding Paint, Outstanding


1951 Chevy PickUp                                               2011  Chicago World of Wheels 

                                                                                           Outstanding Interior-Truck, Outstanding Non-Electrical Display,

                                                                                           Outstanding Truck, Best in Class

Blowfish [69 Cuda]                                                2011 Bonneville Salt Flats Record Holder 307 mph in the

                                                                                         B/BBFCC Class.


1954 Buick                                                             2012 GNRS, Pomona, CA

                                                                                         Outstanding Paint/Outstanding Engine/Outstanding Interior/Outstanding

                                                                                         Display/Outstanding Overall Full Radical Hand Built Custom/Best of


                                                                                2012 Detroit Autorama, MI

                                                                                         Semi-Hard Top Best Of Class/Best Custom of the Show

                                                                                2012 Salt Lake City, UT

                                                                                         Full Hard Top Best Of Class/Best Custom/Best Chrome/Best Display


1934 Roadster Mariani                                           2012 Bonneville Salt Flats World Finals  Record Holder 214.202 mph in the

                                                                                         E/STR Class                               

                                                                                2012  Bonneville Salt Flats World Finals  Record Holder 216.404 mph in the

                                                                                          E/GR Class

                                                                                2012  SEMA / Mother’s Choice Award Excellence in Automotive Design          

1958 Vette                                                               2012  SEMA debute /  Winner 2012 SEMA  GM Design Award                                                                       


1956 Buick "Nailed"                                                   2013 Detroit Autorama Great 8 Finalist 
GoodGuys 2013 Custom Rod of the Year
1969 Torino "GPT Special"                                         2013 Detroit Autorama Best Overall    
Street Machine
Hot August Nights Barrrett Jackson Cup Winner
GoodGuys Street Machine of the Year
SEMA Best Paint          
  1958 Vette                                                             2013 Detroit Autorama Best In Class

Rad Rides by Troy Feature and cover 25 Years of Troy Trepanier's
Raddest Rides Hot Rod Magazine
1935 Ford Phateon "Black Bowtie" 2014 Pomona CA GNRS, America's Most Beautiful Roadster Winner

Rad Rides by Troy 2014 Detroit Autorama "Builder of the Year"

Today, Rad Rides by Troy operates at 24 East Third Street, Manteno, IL 60950.  Phone: 815-468-2590

www.radrides.com .